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I am so pleased to, at least, see the documentary’s end.

Yes, now you can play alone again. Sorry for our misguided attempt for participation. I thought, if I explicitly mark those posts as “Propaganda”, it would be obvious, that this was meant to be a fictional provocation. At least we ourselves, didn’t take that very serious, but merely hoped, that the AIS alliance would react accordingly and there would be some kind of excitement again on asguard and in starmade.

Further, I hope the new power update makes those rules regarding ships in RP conflicts obsolete, because they are just arbitrary and cannot be objectivly enforced. Then you don’t have to pretend to be stronger anymore,
because there never has been any actual fight.

But just to be clear. For us, it was never about winning anything. 1) Tanith are our closest allies on asguard, 2) we are part of the coalition. It seems only natural to us, to join Tanith in their war. We just hoped for some action, and not for drama. Just something we might have used all those old entities, which will eventually be obsolete anyway, and that would have given us new motivation to build and enhance our faction assets.

If you don’t want any real challenge, since that is not your focus in starmade, we respect that, of course, and leave you be.


It’s a little easy to come here and complain when the rules are perfectly logical. Basically what, in order to put animation it was normal that biuvians have to fight against non-RP vessels?

No worries in this case, I will found a faction called “Borg” with square vessels. Then I’m going to send all these systems-filled ships to smash a small RP faction. And when they come to tell me it doesn’t make sense, I’d complain,“But it was for animation!”

There are many ways to create animation without having to break the rules. It is not logical and fair to confront a PR faction with a non-RP faction.

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I understand the problem between RP and non-RP. But in a real competition, rules have to be precise to be fair.
The RP-rules regarding ships are not precise. So I can only conclude, that RP wars are never meant to be competitive or fair. Maybe that was our misunderstanding from the beginning. We thought, the RP part was on a meta-level. Like the stories we tell in the forum. But that the ingame competition does roll the dies, which decide, how the story can be put forward. And to be fair torwards Theia Interspace, we don’t have cubes or any extreme form of PvP ships. I don’t even understand why you would say that. Just take the pictures I posted of the Lothar and our HQ alone. Does that look like unimaginitave and ugly things, we put together with no effort at all, just to win some battles? I don’t think so. All our ships and stations have a very elaborated exterior and we spent hours in making them. Also have many of them such an interiour as well. Although I admit, that our fleet ships are optimized for battle and lack such an interior. But that still makes them very different from what you call a ‘Borg Cube’ ! We didn’t see the value in RP elements for fleet ships (interiour), because no actual RP has ever happened there or is supposed to happen there. But I don’t want to argue about the rules of asguard, because we don’t want to challenge or change those rules. This is not our position. We weren’t aware of the 30%-rule for fleet ships, when we declared war. They were not part of the rules, when I translated them from french into english, at least I don’t recall that.

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I didn’t say you have ugly ship, i find the red ship (protos no ?) very beautiful. That was an example to show you that not fair to fight vessel that are RP (so with 30%, or more of “empty” system) with vessel that are filled. It’s a choice up to you to not being RP because you find interior useless. But remimber that all RP faction have to done interior for their ship. My own ship have a big zone for RP, so that a space where i cannot make shield or power. To you find fair to see my ship fight with someone who can filled that space with system ?

It’s not make logic for me. You can alway fight with ship that RP, or simply fight against a non-RP faction. But dont blame people that try to play in their on way to not want to fight in unfair battle. It’s like want a corvette beat a cruiser x)

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I accept that. I just don’t find that fair in another way, because the competitive advantage lies obviously in the efficiency of your ships systems. But if you can’t say clearly how much space you are allowed to dedicate to those systems, because there is no way you can decide, when the ship has 30% RP rooms, it becomes unfair, because it is just an arbitrary decission, what “30%” are. That was the arguement I was trying to make.

It’s not exactly true. RP faction have much rules to follow, we have to follow a story, and biuvian have MUCH thing to follow.

30% it’s about de space, imagine a line of 100m, where 30m are for RP and the rest for system. We don’t come to calculate exactly if you ship have 30% or 29%, that just for having a idea.

Again, if you want fight there are many way to do : Declare war against a other faction non-rp, do PVP fight with other player that want to do… But in other way, dont wait to see a RP-faction willing do to a total wars that is totally useless : You cannot really win, there are nothing to win. And if you need to fight just for fight, in RP we have other thing to think.

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I don’t see how it is all in the rules, that we have to follow only scripted events, with no real competition.
We don’t really want a all destroying war. But oompetition makes a game interesting. At the moment, I don’t see, that there is any competition going on or intended on asguard. But as I said before. I respect that. That was just our misunderstanding. I don’t want to tell you or anybody, how you should play starmade on asguard. I like asguard and spent most of my starmade time there. But there is no real, competetive conflict at all.

There no competetive because personnaly i don’t see how done that … With the bug, control and other… I dont fun to see spaceship collide each other or just fire against each other without moving. So if you want fight pvp, like i said before, ask on chat or create a topic on forum for propose a tournament.

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I proposed a “War Zone” a long time ago in the forum.
Nobody really cared for it. So I guess I just have to live with that :slight_smile:

Actually we care for the war zone but we are stuggling to implement some features, we wanted some “local” NPC to spawn like pirates but stronger, admin are trying some kind of handmade plugins to auto spawn and despawn NPC ships, and a reflexion has been launched on the staff parts of the forum about balance, gameplay and possibilities. We are still trying to figure out how to implement it with a scale systeme, and for the free pvp side, some basic rules to not kill the server. The goal is smthg autonomous or nearly that will not require constant monitoring from the staff.

And starmade NPC “sentient” factions are not server and community friendly actualy.

Currently we are all more or less on a break of the game, waiting for the next update, personnaly I grew up tired of starmade, and i’m less and less exited about the next update.

I can understand your frustration Happa² :slight_smile:
We must make a war zone to complete the possibilities on Asguard. But rules is rules. Like Macharius said, and it’s exact for me too, a bit tired of Starmade for this time and not really exciting by the nex update, so I’m a bit away from Starmade.
Make love people, but make war is a good thing too ^^

I’ve tchat with the Nalem and John, a secteur like no rules zone will be created at the time thoses lines are written “Zone Grise” in an empty system the time we will create smthg more juicy… The only rules can be no titans allowed, because we don’t want to generate needless lag.

“Titans” will be defined soon, and for RP non RP ships idc players will see that between each other.

For the galactic RP explaination of the zone a spatial arena for the lust of blood of the denizen of asguard galaxy.

I’m sorry to write this, but you all dont read each others sentences and posts.
Happa said he launched that war to inject some kind of events, and the debate is launched about 30% unexistant empty space rule. Its just about to be fair and build real interior for all minimum needs of a crew regarding a ship size.

Things are about to be done to add some HL Pve content, and a warzone for pvp content.

But, like ever, nothing will be added to have PVP RP content, cause no one want fights, no one want to lose a single bloc, no one want to figure that someone is stronger than him.

Wellcome to Asguard.


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So go ahead Kara, seem that Happa and you want to fight, you can do it.

I dont care about lost every thing i have, but i care about lost everything because someone want to show his stronger than me, so he can destroy everything.

In real RP, war have objective. so, go, attack corporation reborn spartant, but with what real objective ? You have not, so you will just destroy everything because … because war.

I have not show myself much in event, because the only i do has showed that fight is not really fun for me. I like to see some ship attack me, for do RP, but not for do fight.

You seem to say we are fear to lost block, and then you say we dont read each other, so sorry for say this, but look yourself what you write before come there and insult me of “shy”


Je pense que tu interprète mal ou que tu traduits mal, j’ai pris aucun parti, je dis les choses comme elles sont.
Plusieurs fois des efforts RP ont été fait pour lancer des guerres, sur des motifs issus du RP, des provocations, des blocus etc.

A chaque fois, le défenseur a joué les afk ou ignoré le dit RP.

C’est juste pas dans les coutumes ou les mentalités de faire du PVP, et ce, depuis 2012.

Non mais j’ai bien compris. Tu affirmes que tout le monde sur le serveur a peur de perdre un seul bloc. En français pour moi ça veut dire qu’on est tous des poules mouillés.

Donc d’une, PVP c’est joueur contre joueur, et ça c’est pas mon truc, mais y’a beaucoup de joueurs qui aiment s’affronter les uns contre les autres à bord de leurs vaisseau, c’est juste qu’ils sont jamais présents au même moment visiblement.

Sauf que dans le cas des guerres, on parle de RVR, et franchement le jeu n’est pas conçu pour le RVR, on peut pas envoyer nos flottes se bastonner sans risquer le lag du serveur, ou juste la mongolisation, c’est encore pire que x3 les combats, qui était pourtant pas bien foutue IA contre IA.

Moi je veux bien faire du RVR, mais faut que les conditions s’y prêtent, qu’il y’ait un intérêt RP, et surtout des objectifs cohérent. Et le problème c’est que meme avec ça, ça restera assez aléatoire avec un jeu, comme il a été dit, qui est a moitié achevé.

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Bref, this is goin’ nowhere.

People don’t have the same definition of fun, and we are no successful to understand each other. We will take action to add some more juice to the PVE HL content, is already in creation and tested in game by Nalem John and me in the No rule zone.

At the same time those line are written i’m in place testing it right now.