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Question by turrets

Good day! It seemed to me that the turrets do not hide behind the shield of the ship. Is this really so? If so, how do I fix it?

For the turret they inherit the shield of the mother ships, buuut when your shields drop under 25% they take dammage directly

This is an interesting nuance, I didn’t know about it. Many thanks!

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Good day! I’m developing a turret for drones using logic. I drew attention to the following problems:

  1. The AI ​​module does not activate the logic, but maybe I did not fully understand
  2. A “logical” cannon leads a non-focused fire.
    It is worth explaining. To track the target, I installed a computer and 1 gun unit on the turret to activate the AI ​​module. The main cannon of the turret is activated by the radio module. When firing at the target, it can be seen that the projectile from the main gun and the cannon of the controlled AI do not fall into one point.
    On pirate ships, mechanical switches are installed to activate the “logical” guns, but I do not understand how the problem of focusing the shooting is solved.
    Tell me please there is a method to solve these problems? Perhaps there are nuances that I do not know.

Another question. If a ship not controlled by the AI module (bobby) is included in the fleet, will the logical weapon be activated on it in combat?

Hello there !

1 Indeed you’r right.
2 You can’t focus shots or wathever with logic, I don’t know why but even if AI lock the target your shot will stay spread.
3 If you have a detector of somehow yes it is supposed to work even in fleet. (testing required)

Thank you! I will look for a different way to solve the problem. I hope the developers will fix the problem with the AI module.

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Good day! I continue to struggle with bugs. How can I remove what is shown in the image (this is the core connection)?

Hello you can try to replace the connected blocs, (they must be linked to the computer) and you can try to disconnect them manually.