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Question about the game mode [RP]

Good evening, colleagues! Could you tell us a bit about the RP mode? I would like to understand how this works and how non-RP factions can take part in this process.



Here you can find the rules about the Role Play on Asguard < [RP] >


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Bonjour, Kara.
I read all the rules. Unfortunately, the rules are stated in a formal style. I would like to understand the essence of the organization of the RP process. Can you tell on some example …
I will give an example. As you probably know on the servers of Minecraft, an event such as an “Event” is practiced. It has a pre-planned component and a component implemented by the players themselves during the event. Is it the same here? Are events happening in the forum in the form of articles or mini-stories?
Thanks in advance.

Hello, yep they are pre planned scenarios created by the staff, often an event happened and it’s trigger the whole stuff with some quest, mysteries etc…

Wow, this should be interesting. When is the next event expected?
Could you tell us about the state of affairs and explain the current alignment of forces in the galaxy? Who is “bad” and who is “good”?))

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You have two big organisation, the “AIS” and the “COALITION”. They’re all bad ^^
On this thread, you have some information about RP here, but it’s fragmented… and still in french. I’m not the best to give informtion about the RP of the server, but it is alive and other member of the staff can give you more information :slight_smile:
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