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Proposal for an long term event


everyone knows, that it is almost too peaceful on asguard.
How about having a fully blown war between factions/superfactions,
but in a way, nobody has a reason to get sad about losing something of emotional value to him.

we could set out a bigger system of coordinates, which will be the area of warfare with no rules.
It would basically be some kind of domination-based game, where every faction or superfaction (coalition of faction)
tries to dominate and hold as much of this system of coordinates.
every team is allowed to bring things like ship from the outside of the warzone. but fighting is not allowed to leave the warzone.

this would also be a very good excuse to get rid of all ships with old power design that factions might have in their inventory.

what do you think?


I think this is the best idea ever read on this forum :stuck_out_tongue:

I would like to add that there should be a Ship limit (in number or size) per area for combats to be fair & to avoid server crash.


That idea had already mentionned in the staff discussion, but not exactly like that. I’m totally enjoy with this, and think we must quickly apply something like that.
Great ! :grinning:

I think that’s a great idea!
The main thing is to define clear rules and orbiters. It would be very interesting for me to see in action my ships against living players.

I think the most interesting part of it would be, that this is a completly rule free zone.
You can do what you want. The only goal is to dominate the area. To resist the others.
The rule, that would be important though is, that this rule free zone is limited to this specific area only.
Everywhere else the laws of asguard apply. So anyone can jump in right away with all he got to change the balance of power.

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If your faction is to weak to resist or make any progress, alliances have to be forged.

Endrif, you could just fly into that rule free zone, and attack anybody you please. Of course, this could go very badly for you. But any consequences would be limited to that zone only. If you loose everything (that you took into the zone), you would be free to try again anytime you want. But in order to set a permanent foot in the area, you might have to be tactical.

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I fully support such rules.
Only this is a small part of the rules of war in this zone. Someone from the participants of the conversation mentioned the adequate size of the ships.

Here are some thoughts:

  1. it is necessary to determine the period of the preparatory phase for the event
  2. the rules for conducting battles, including the number and size of ships, perhaps something else
  3. the size of the free PVP zone.
  4. rules for the entry of players at the late stage of the event (if necessary)
    This is only a small part

I guess there should be some rules regarding ships, since we want to avoid major lag for the players.
Like max. ship mass, and max. amount of ships per fleet, max. amount of fleets per battle. So the max. unit of battle would be (amount of faction per battle)*(amount of fleets per faction per battle ) * (max amount of ships per fleet) * (max mass per ship). If each player maximizes that unit to its limits, then chances of winning the battle should converge to 50%, if two factions are involved. That has to be good enough :slight_smile:

(amount of a specific type of turrets)

And of course, the area of thise zone has to be predefined, too. Maybe beginn with a smaller area and extend it if this would increase gameplay.

Another rule would be, that no station within the zone is allowed to be your factions home base.

But besides this, I dont see any need fore further rules. But maybe im missing something.
. If you need preparation then you can take as much time as you need before you enter the zone. But as soon as you are in the zone, then you better we prepared good :).

This wouldnt be an “event” in the sense, that it is over at some definite point. This would go on as long as people are participating.

But you could use any subevents for RP-purposes, as extensive as you want.

In general, I will agree.
I recently play in StarMade, so some specific rules need to be discussed by more experienced players.
Apparently it will be interesting if the battles are related to the epic narrative on the forum. It is even possible to provide for a scenario, not too hard on the story line.