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Problems with admission of a faction

Hello. I have a bug with fractional settings, I can not go into my ship. The game writes that I can not control the ship because my grade is in the fraction below required although I am in the guild founder, and that the ship can only be driven by the owner, although it is the owner. sector -41, 4, 5
Ship Name: Shuttle-1a Mining 001.
the same problem with the space station elevator name: Tran_Orb_St_lift_1.
it seems to me that the problem is due to the fact that I was carrying the module of the station fraction to which these objects were docked.

Hi Aleroy,

Have you make a description of your faction ?
Has your faction have been approved (you need to read rules about faction creation discribe on english section)?

If not your faction could have been judge not official and could have been deleted (means, your aren’t anymore on same faction as your ship).

Faction - Guild of Researchers (corporation)

Sorry for the trouble, but we already solved the problem - in general there was an incomprehensible program failure when I was transferred to a fractional computer at the station, and our hosts changed owners, I became the owner of the ship of my colleague and he became the master of my ship … somehow.


Faction module are sometime all messes up, when docking ou enterring faction signature you must be carefull with the permissions tag etc…
If you have an issue again and can’t acces your ship destroying the module is an effective way (admins/moderators can help aswell).

I realized that - can not carry the fraction module from one place to another place if other objects are attached
(docking) to the object, which also have faction modules with control settings - “only the owner” - otherwise the game will fail and the objects will change owners.