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My sector is completely broken

When I logged in around 13:00 on 19 07 2017 I found out that the cargo blocks on my station (-105,-14,12) were reporting to be over capacity. they had millions of volume but were all reporting 100 volume. In an attempt to fix it I lost all my resources. Like cargo my transporters are also broken. I would like to ask you to roll back my sector to an earlier state. Or help me fix the problem. I cannot play the game without functional cargo. And I am really unhappy losing several hours if not days worth of mining.

Thank you for any help you can provide.

Right after posting this I found out that the problem seems to have left my station and is now bothering a player called Neph. I have still lost all my resources and I don’t know when the problem might recur.

We will try to import -105;-14;12 as it was this morning at 00:00AM.

And before you reconnect clear you game cache, it might help.

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