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Missing my Main ship and my smaller docked ships [Traité]

I was playing today (20/05/18). I was about to explore a undiscoverd station so I parked my ship about 10KM from the station. I flew off in a smaller faster ship that had been docked to my larger ship. When I arrived at the waypoint there was no station so I turned around and flew back. Only now my larger ship (Skoll) was gone. I flew around for a bit then asked an admin for help Admin CorbeauNoiraud (who was very helpful!) did the search command and told me my ship was at 2,2,2 (Spawn) I flew there and when I arrived my ship or any of the other 3 ships docked with it were nowhere to be seen. I gave up after awhile and flew to a diffrent sector. I then needed to relog so I left the server and reconnected only to spawn at 2,2,2 and the ship I was in was gone also saying it was in sector 2,2,2 but it was not.
Please Help
Thank you


I’ve also made a search, the ship is indeed in 2-2-2 docker to the public ramp

with your other ship the Anubis

I’ve noticed that your in war with Alterans can you explain it please ?

Best regards

Oh thank you must have been a connection error on our end. As for the Alterans (If those are the NPC shops) one of my officers accidentally fired at them and in a panic destroyed the ship but has however sent out a peace offer. The ship that originally didn’t belong to us I belive the same officer found drifting and just clamed it and docked it to the Skoll Thank you for your help!
if you have anyother questions let me know


It’s okay. don’t forget to take your belonging from the spawn when you can, we do some clean up of the place regulary.

Peace has been set by admin commands

Best regards
Locking the subject.