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Main Forum Rules

RECITALS: Any breach of the
rules below will result in a more or less severe penalty depending on
the severity. Justice of the server is made by the management of the
server team (staff). The server administrator court of final appeal
disputes and transgressions regulations. When cases were not provided
for by the articles, the judge administrator in the spirit of laws and
verdicts produced by jurisprudence. Log onto the forum Asguard implies
accepting these rules without reservation.

Article One: Please keep about correct in your messages, and keep a reasonable spelling.

Art.2: The double shifts are forbidden, edit your messages.

Art.3: The insulting another member who for any purpose is prohibited.

Art.4: It is not necessary to UP a subject every minute, no more than one PU per day.

Art.5: SMS language is banned on our forums.

Art.6: When you made a request for help, be sure to detail your problem or we can not help you.

Art.7: You can make complaints, careful not to abuse it.

Art.8: Payment must be respected for all!

Art.9: The server rules are also applicable on the forum.