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[III] Provisions on the creation of a faction


  • This system has been implemented to improve the quality of play on the server by trying
  • To avoid solo factions,
  • To increase mutual support and communication between players,
  • To push role-play.

To create a faction, you have to make the request in the appropriate
category of the forum. If no formal request has been made, that has also
been approved, your faction will be deleted without notice. Such a
formal request includes several necessary items. Should some of them be
missing, your faction will not be approved.

Article1: Your faction requires a minimum of 3 players (exceptions are being made, if
you are a trusted member). Your other members should confirm their
presence in the comments of your faction application.
Art.2: The name of your faction has to be be serious. It ought to include your type of government : political, religious or commercial, even if your faction is a NON RP one. The staff keep the right to modify faction names if they do not comply with this rule. A name like “The sandwiches space” will not be tolerated.Art.3: You have to create a coherent backstory for your faction.
Art.4: You have to tell us what kind of government you will form from/within the ranks of your faction.
Art.5: In case of prolonged inactivity, a dissolution clause of your faction
will be declared, so do not forget to inform us in the appropriate part
of forum, if should be absent for a longer period of time.(Board index / Presentation factions / Your faction / Commentary) .
Art.6: Should the amount of members of your faction fall unter the minimum of three,
then you will have to set a time in which you are trying to recruit
somebody else. If no time is given or if you should fail to recruit the
required minimum of members after this time, the dissolution clause will take effect.
Art.7: As the leader of your faction, you will have to keep the faction related information up-to-date in the register of
factions available on the site.
Art.8: If false information concerning your factions are posted on the site, your faction will be deleted without notice.
Art. 9: If you are a role play faction, it is very important to clarify
that, because you have to follow the server rules on the role play
(using the RP-tag in your faction‘s description).

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Corrected Article 3

“Art.6: Should the amount of members of your faction fall unter the minimum of five

Still under the old santard for faction members by :

“Art.6: Should the amount of members of your faction fall unter the minimum of three

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