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[II] Provisions relating to roleplay [RP] faction


This title includes additional articles in GENERAL for players who want a realistic environment worthy of role play.

One: Factions, having the tag „[RP]“ in their description and those,
who express their wish to conduct role play. Thank you for respecting
their decission, if you are interacting with them in the game.
Art.2: It is forbidden for anyone, playing the game under RP-tag, to kill other players or to put them in a weak position.
Art.3: Any attacks between factions under RP-tag should be delayed by a
minimum of 24 real-time hours after the declaration of war. (Written
agreement of both parties on the forum).
Art.4: ALL VESSELS, except for hunters, shuttles or bombers, should include local and survival
equipment indispensable for a human crew proportional to its size.
Art.5: All wars between NON-RP / RP factions are subject to RP rules. It is therefore forbidden, for example, to use vessels which do not fit within the so-called RP framework. Warning, the opposite its false.

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