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Ideas about a RACE in starmade


i’m wondering if an actual race in star made could be good fun. Here are some thoughts.

Race Gates act only as markers of the racing corso. They basically can be any structure.
But they should add some fun to the race. Like being too small for two ships to pass.
Being a pirate station with turrets. Or maybe you have to fly trough automated beams…

Ship rules.
1 turret is allowed, if controled by human. (pilote + 1)
Shipmass limit has to be very small.
Warheads are allowed.
Besides that only weapons are allowed, which do no block damage. (EMP, Stoff effect).
No jump drives, only thrusters + overdrive

Warp gates very close to the sun. So you have to fly around the sun, where the closest path around it would be the fastest but also the most dangerous.

Maybe race gates near worm holes to have some extra acceleration.

What do you think?


Oh I like this Idea could be a lot of fun to play, and the occasion to launch an event like Asguard grand galactic race or smthg like this !

In my opinion this is a great idea! It will be interesting to think about the design of the ship for similar fun

Endrif, let’s do some test designs! How about a limit for mass of 900.
Then we meet at some sector and try them out and see how we can make things more fun.
I will try to modify a space shuttle later or tomorrow.

That would be so cool, Macharius.
But we need a start/stop station and all kiind of funny race gate structures with unique abilities, that can DESTROY you :slight_smile:
and ofcourse we have to plot a nice corso.
Let’s do that in low scale and test if has the potential to become a good sport :slight_smile:

Ok, i did some testing.

Warheads are kind of disappointing. Sometimes they just dont explode. And their actual damage might not be very impressive.

But “road rage” (does somebody remeber that game:) should be a part of the race :).
How about you are allowed to have one turret. that turret has to be manually controlled,
but it is allowed to have any weapons system, with the only limitation, that the orientation of the weapon is fixed.
it can only point to the right in an 90 degree angle. so you can only take or inflict damage, if you successfully overtake another ship in the right position.

so basically you would have two main weapons. one primary weapon on the ship itself, which is stop effect, and one veeery limited turret, that can inflict acutal damage.

I’m a little busy this afternoon, but in the evenings I’ll try to do a trial model given what you said. I think that the mass of up to 900 is quite normal. For the organization of such an event, of course, great help will be required from the administration.

Nice, if you or anyone else want to do some testing, write me in the Asguard or Theia Discord.



  1. Starting position of the race is a line of ships (one ship behind the other). Maybe several lines on top each other.
  2. All ships have the same max. speed. (incl. overdrive)
  3. All ships have as main weapon any stop effect weapon

=> If a ship is in front of you, both have the same speed, you can use your stop effect weapon to slow him down until both ships are nose on nose at the same max speed.

At that point something has to happen, that enables you to take over. But at the same point it should not be too easy.
I think a turret, facing in a 90 degree angle to the right side of the ship might just do the fun.
you can damage the ship if your ship is in an right angle to the other ship, which is not so easy.

So, in a sense, this would be desctruction derby :smiley:

Just like in the sea battle of the times of the sailing fleet. Not an easy task, you need a very good navigator)

I started the project of a racing ship according to your theses

yeah :slight_smile:
i have built a prototype. so we can try that out anytime.

I propose for a greater interest to enter the lower limit of the mass of the ship, for example 600. Let each player himself decides which of the permitted equipment to put in priority.

we should set up a test track and do some testing with different configurations.

I made a rough model. I collected only the basic power system, the protection system and the place of the turret (claws), instead of the tail will be the primary weapon of the first pilot. The turret has the maximum possible sector of fire. How to make a turret for a pilot not from the faction?
It will take longer than I thought)) The task is not trivial.

Regarding your question about the turret.
Since the “turret” is not allowed to move horizontally (and also not vertically)
it is basically just an entity docked to your ship. so place a normal rail on your ship and put a public permission module next to it. then give the entity, that you want to dock there its own faction module. the public permission module will allow entites from other factions to dock. if it has no faction module, it will inherit the faction and permissions from the faction module of the parent entity, which is the ship.

I will post the specs of my ship later.

My prototype is based on a space shuttle


main weapon is a beam-cannon-stopeffect permabeam

single output turret

but maybe we ship make the “turret” a system of the ship and drop the requirements for a turret pilot.

i want to test if a pulse-cannon weapon on the front of the ship would be any fun.
it could be an alternative for collision damage, since the radius of the pulse would be only ten blocks.

I already thought about it. Having a co-pilot as a turret operator is cool, but not always possible. In my opinion to have a turret that does not rotate is not very effective. Without a co-pilot, you can set it up to defeat any targets or selected targets.
I also suggest not installing damaging weapons, only different effects. Of course, much will depend on the device of the track. Players will have to think through the details of the design of ships and adapt them to a certain tactic. With skillful use, different effects (not just the stop effect) can be useful, as it seems to me.
You do not have a very heavy ship? It seems to me that he has a low rotational potential.

I think that it will not be fun. I will try two basic configurations: cannon-cannon, beam-cannon. The impulse consumes a huge amount of energy. Our ships are limited in size. It is difficult to assemble a compact ship with a powerful power system and sufficient mobility. I tried to solve this problem on fighter jets and achieved some success, unfortunately, here AI controls the ship better than man). And I stopped the development of small ships