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I need help with login

My computer « broke » so i neded to reset it, after doing that, i can’t login to the server

I just need help to fix this, or if not, is there any possibility that you can transfer my account to a new one?


You need to Uplink to the same account used before with this nickname.
What is your nickname and the starmade name associated with it?

You don’t have any characters on this starmade account

It’s illern and illern - i have illern everywhere

Do you switch the “I” bay “i” ?? maybe…

Maybe, i’m not sure, does it matter?

Yes, uppercase and lowercase is different for the game

it still doesn’t work, it says that the username is protected by the server, so i don’t know how to solve it

If you cant fix it, we can unprotect that name on the server, for you to get your things back, but if its messed somewhere, u will need to create a new character to play with.


What do you mean with “messed”?

I mean if you use another starmade account to play with that character, its going to be unprotected and anyone will be able to log with it.

So you will have to create a new character (nickname different like Illern2)

Okey, that’s alrigt, but can someone like transfer something to the new account, or should i do that myself?

What did you own with your “Illern” character ? Did you build any ship ?

Yeah, i did own a couple of ships, and was part of the faction Thiea

But they were not factionned with the “personnal button”, so anyone else of Theia can use these ships ? You will not have the “You cannot enter this ship, it belongs to Illern” message, will you ?

I did not have a faction block, i’m pretty sure of

So does that mean that i can just pick my ships up, when i come online with my new account?

yep, if there is no “personnal” option set on your ships you will be able to pick them.

Also we can simply unprotect the username

But if you unprotect it, then any1 can use it, right?

We can unprotect it when your are ready to play
After you login with the username it will be re-protected