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[I] Basic Rules

Our rules are separated into 4 headlines, we will leave a link to the following title at the bottom of each subject.
You will have to leave a comment “Read and Approved” at the end of reading the fourth topic.

TITLE I: Basic Rules
TITLE II: Rules regarding Role Play
TITLE III: Rules regarding the creation of factions
TITLE IV: Rules regarding warp gates


Visiting Asguard implies, that you accept our rules without reserve and engage yourself in „fair play“. Any breach of rules will result in punishment. The severity of the punishment is determined by the circumstances, under which the breach of rules is commitet. Each judgement will be given solely at the server staff‘s discretion. The server administrators regulate appeals, disputes and transgressions. Cases, that are not being coverd explicitly by the rules, are being dealt with in the general spirit of morality on this server.


Article 1 : Compliance with the Constitution of the French Republic: It is strictly forbidden to violate any rule given by the french constitution, especially when expressing racist, xenophobic or offensive statements, or when speaking of criminal acts (including piracy, hacking, etc …). Such behaviour is being punished by a lifetime/permanent ban from our server.

Art.2 : On the sector 2.2.2 and its surroundings (spawn) :
Art.2a : The spawning area is a protected neutral zone. It spans over the adjacent sectors in any dimension from (2;2;2), that is any sector between (0;0;0) and (4;4;4). Any act of agression within those
coordinates is strictly forbidden.
Art.2b : Ships are not allowed to be parked driverlessly within spawn.
Art.2c : The size of vessels within sector 2.2.2. is strictly limited. Only ships of volume lesser then than 3,000,000 cubic meters are allowed.

Art.3 : Code of conduit for playing nice and fair: In order for the Asguard community to live in harmony, it’s important to follow a few basic guidelines, when using the chat. Art.3b: Remain courteous on all occasions, and respectful to each player and member of the staff.
Art.3c : Any advertising for another site or server is strictly prohibited.
Art.3d : Spam is prohibited and will be punished.
Art.3e : Please pay attention to your character’s custom appearance (skin). You are free to do as you please on the condition of not having a shocking appearance, or one that is insulting or ignoring the rules.

Art.4 : On war and conflict:
Art.4a : It is forbidden to attack new players within their first two hours on this server, except in self defense.
Art.4b : It is forbidden to kill other players immediatelly after they respawn. Permitted exception are any case of military occupation, following a capitulation, where the occupying forces can react to a breach or an attempted breach of truce until a new agreement is reached. This is a very special case, that is going to be examined by an administrator in case of abuse.
Art.4c : Pillaging or stealing the reserve materials of a faction is forbidden.
Joining a faction under false petrense and misusing the privileges as a member of a faction is strictly forbidden. However, should the control over the radar signiture of a faction‘s home base be obtained, in the case that the home base has lost its invulnerability, it is allowed to empty it‘s storage and to dismantle the base itself as well as any ship or structure within the area, except suchs structures, that are listed on the Inventory of Galactic Protected Sites and Buildings.
Art.4d : It is strictly forbidden to steal/commandeer the ships of other players or other factions.
Art.4e : It is strictly forbidden to mine, damage or plunder any planet, that is serving RP purposes. That is any planet of a faction with the tag “[RP]” in its description and planets in their posession, called
“civilians.” If you have doubt on the civility of a planet, the excuse ‘I thought …’ will not pass. Ask the staff before. But military planets are not protected by this rules. Again, ask before doing anything.
Art.4f : It is strictly forbidden to attack a faction if none of its members is Online.

Art.5 : The game is still in early development, so it may
contain bugs and exploits. It is strictly forbidden to use them. Thank
you for reporting any bugs to staff in advance. Art.6: The server is
open to players of all nations. However, it remains imperative to speak
at least English, for moderation purposes. Thank you in advance.

Art. 6 : The server is open for non-french-speaking people. However please only speak English : staff thanks you a lot.

Art. 7 : Do not quit the main Galaxy. Do not establish out of the main Galaxy.

Translation by Happahappa & Kara

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Adding :

Art.4f: It is strictly forbidden to attack a faction if none of its members is Online.

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Modified :

Title III Article 2

Art.2: The name of your faction has to be be serious. A name like “The sandwiches space” will not be tolerated.


Art.2: The name of your faction has to be be serious. It ought to include your type of government : political, religious or commercial, even if your faction is a NON RP one. The staff keep the right to modify faction names if they do not comply with this rule. A name like “Space sandwiches” will not be tolerated.

great rules

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Sorry, but I do not see the “Rules regarding warp gates”. Where is it?
Have already found

You only need to follow our link in the bottom :slight_smile:
This is a path to all rules.

Good game !

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hi are you guys still active in this server? my group may be interested we are mostly play but with a focus on making the ships able to fight decently I’m genuinely interested in the server

Feel free to visit. The server is of course still active !
(but if you come with friends read faction creation rules first)