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Hi im new :D searching for any recruiting faction

hello, im new here i would like to play on your server but there are a steps i can’t acomplish due your rules.
google translate isn’t acurate to talk to you in french because i don’t have french while i was on school.
im spanish but i can do my best with english for the comunication.
im really want to play here but your rules say: search for a faction if you r alone(becausey you errase factions without notifications). asking ingame but salty answers like: don’t fuck us, ask on the forums chockes me a lot.
i believe not all the comunity have the same lack of empathy when someone ask in english on an “european” server. correct me please if im wrong.
so, can i ask for someone with a little of empathy of non french talker who need some active worker/figther to hire me in his faction to have a healthy and safe gamplay, please? there are a lot of factios with less than 5 users :smiley:
thak you in advance and i think this tedius way to contact people don’t benefit the healthy users on your server (and the lack of empathy of your players too).
have a nice day and à bientôt!


hey ! i’m ok if u want join a faction we are trading buil/concept guild and Leaders (me and Gork) are not so good in english but if u still interested, give me a “date” (sorry no other word for) for/to join our guild.

have a good day :wink:

Hello Neo, in first time, sorry for my english.
I don’t think we are really “non-empathy” with other player, really. May be you’ve meet some bad people who’s not regular on our server.
Enjoy to play here with you man, and welcome here :relaxed:

Hello, welcome :slight_smile:

Hi Neo,
Feel free to join our faction (Cousine). We only have 2 members and are looking to expand at least a little. Check out our faction announcement for any more info.

If you are worried about language, one of us can somewhat talk French, while I have a very limited Spanish vocabulary. It is not much, but enough to get by.

In all, this is has been a nice server to get started on (for me at least) and the admin, Kara, has been extremely helpful and kind to our faction. Don’t hesitate to look around for more factions, but if you are interested, Cousine has a spot for you.


28 days later.

I think zombies got him :wink:

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lol I didn’t see that