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Faction : [RP] United Eridanus Government

what we are about
our federation is a republic based government we prefer to remain neutral in galactic affairs but we will go to war if need be if our interests or allies are under attack we prefer to settle things peacefully but will go to arms if that is not possible our main preference is mining building and trade and keeping our trade routes safe from piracy.

we are an RP faction

our RP story
we were chased off our home world by the orc like alien race called the galmarians who considered humanity a heretical race we had fought them for generations in a losing war with no other option we used every vessel we could find with the limited resources we had no choice but to use our ancient ships converted them into starships for eons we have spent building our strength so that may take back our home planet
Wolverines head of government
thurra head shipbuilder
troll82 (Anatoli) admiral of the fleet
Kilemeino head scientist
echospark high council member
sagirou private in the military

Greetings. Welcome in the Asguard galaxy… which Terran call « the Milky Way ».

→ Are you a roleplay faction ? or a not roleplay faction ?
→ Earth and its History already exist in our server… sorry but… you need another name ! :grimacing: …already taken
→ Could we see the three members (or more) of your nation/corporation here, please ? with a little post…

thank you

with all due respect we have gone by United Earth Government (UEG) for years we thought we would give asguard a chance since all the others servers have sold their souls to qf and we heard that asguard at least follows on building actual ships then meme sticks

The problem being we have our ships set up for a human set up and we have put many hours of work into them maybe we can work something out so we dont have to do a name change

Greetings and salutations, welcome to our forum.

So, as Corbeau stated we need two other answers from some of your members on this thread, a discord screenshot is not a valid proof. Do you consider your faction as a RP or a Non RP faction ?

If you have any doubt how to handle it here the link to our faction creation rules in english

Here for the rest of them

So to explain what is Asguard : not the perfection, far from it :slight_smile:

Our server is old, back to early 2013-14, and our lore and background is as old as him, it has been build step by step by the community following the stream of events, that has been reported and registered as years flown. It’s our history in a way, and since we activelly keep the whole past and present coherent even if it’s mean headache and a some heavy scrubbing on old forum thread x).
So when we have new comers we tend to ask them to be in check with it to keep it coherent, same for the rule of 3 and the « realistic name ».

Actually from our side, we already have a Sol system with Earth and Mars colonized with buildings since end 2015-16 and from one of the older faction created by servers admins : Federation des Planetes Unies (United Planets Federation) wich is currently active in the server lore for the events passed and current.

About the ships, we do not have a rule that forbid death stick specifically, we have RP rules for those who want to play RP, it obliges owners to build ships with interiors and stuff. And they also regulate conflicts aswell ; a non RP faction cannot declare war to a RP one without being in agreement with the equipement rule, for obvious balancing reasons like again meta stick of death, you need a real casus belli aswell to avoid wild west like situation.

So has you can see we are a somewhat tight community with strict and sometime teadious rules, we do not have an activ policy of members expansion we do not even advertise the server on the Dock, it somewhat preserved us from heated / sterile debates and salty arguments and other unpleasanteries sometimes encoutered on the official forums and Discord.

VoilĂ , this was my point checked and validated before posting by the server Staff

Best regards

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Ah ok I understand we are semi rp so that we at least stand a better chance against pvp players but can convert our ships easily to full rp if needed the battleship has a two floors dedicated to rp

I will send some members here

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Greetings, I am not sure where to put my comment or what to say, so i will merely state that I am a High Councilmen of the U.E.G and would be glad if we were accepted into Asgard

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Anatoli here, admiral in UEG

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Ello there, and wellcome in our server.

Well i saw that 2 others Staff members wrote what to do to get a validated faction.
So what’s up ? you need a fkin form to fill it or can you just write few sentences to explain us what’s your faction is up to ?

I spent enought time to translate everything in english to give a better chance to every EU players to be able to join us, and you dont even read the rules.

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I edited the first post and I said we were semi rp in the other posts and we were just going to change our name to our abbreviated name so that we retain our human element I will further edit the first post if need be

Hello. thank you for clarifying your roleplay allegiance yesterday. Certainly you can play human characters, nethertheless you cannot use the name « Earth » or claim it would be « your » planet… unless your ancestors would had fled Earth in 2066 (we actually are in 2195)… so you would be descendants of the Terrans… and you would have settled on another planet from 2080 to 2185 from where you would have been chased by the Orcs ? But it’s easier to replace « Earth » with another name starting with « E » (if you hold the acronym UEG), if you want my opinion. Use a solution like those and I personnaly give you your first official approval (1 on 3) for creating legally your faction.

Welcome in Asguard lads!

What Faction name are you taking finally ?

+1 Approval (2/3)


United Eridanus Government though we had to abbreviate it to UEG because it all wouldnt fit we will put it on our ingame faction description

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Approval (2/3)

+1 Approval.


Faction Approved welcome and good game !