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Faction : [non-RP] Starburst

Hello we living in Austria , this Server has good Ping for us ,we love Starmade, be cool , make our Faction « Starburst » Legal :slight_smile:

Greets Ignimoy, gio and fokko

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That’s a first step you did but this is not enough to be validated as a faction. Please follow the guidelines of these articles : Thank you

Article1: Your faction requires a minimum of 3 players (exceptions are being made, if
you are a trusted member). Your other members should confirm their
presence in the comments of your faction application.

Art.3: You have to create a coherent backstory for your faction.

Art.4: You have to tell us what kind of government you will form from/within the ranks of your faction.

Art. 9: If you are a role play faction, it is very important to clarify that, because you have to follow the server rules on the role play (using the RP-tag in your faction‘s description)

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Starburst (… birth) has no Leader it is Lightside and friendly, it helps and answers it is not talking much but interested in what others develop, its mostly Hidden but always friendly to visitors of all kind.
The Base Station is in developement and adapts to the servers it is spawned. Starburst likes to make ships in a round shape some say they look like an EGG.
Starburst Technology is advanced and it knows how to use it to not lag the Universe to a 1 fps show.
Starburst does not Auto declare War!


gio here!
hf go into orbit

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I am the hard working Mining Specialist.
greets Ign

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Hello there, welcome here

Ok for me it’s a +1, waiting for the rest of the staff

@moderateurs @administrateurs

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+1 Approved here, need 1 more to go

Maybe later you will change for RP :slight_smile:

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And here is the last +1

Faction Approved

Enjoy your time here !