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[Demande traitée] Lost my ship "kofu"

Good afternoon. I lost my ship (kofu) while I was building. I was in a separate module, creating an elevator, and pirates attacked me. The ship was in the system 18, -1, -7 ,. I tried to look for him in the vicinity, but to no avail. Can you help me with the search or give me a hint on how to find it better? I tried to use the scanning system, but it is too weak and does not really help. Thank you in advance for your advice and help!

Hey, i’m gona check for your ship tonight with admin commands ! I’ll keep you in touch

Is it a stealth ship ? does it have enough shields to wistand pirates attacks ?

This is not a stealth ship, this is only the initial assembly, but it has about 40k shield blocks. Thanks a lot. When should I appear on the server?

you can appear whenerer you want I guess, but I will not be able to check you ship until the late afternoon

What is required of me?

virtually nothing I guess, sorry I had a big day at work and forgot to check that yesterday

@administrateurs @moderateurs ce gentleman a besoin d’aide !

It’s okay, I understand

Hello, you ship has been found, check your MP

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