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Demande de faction : [non-RP] Feather Enterprises

Welcome to the embassy of the newly arriving Feather Enterprises! Recently expanding from a few galaxies over, we’re hoping our commercial enterprise will benefit the populace of this galactic region as well… for reasonable compensation of course.
Chairman Talons is our founder of this branch of operations in Asguard, and is dutifully overseeing that our services are expanded and open for all who need them. Originating as a strictly mining company, our corporation has expanded into also being a producer of intermediary and finished goods, as well as especially offering the many services that have been found to be in demand from ship design and repair to « peacekeeping ».
Physical description: A mostly human business that does not discriminate in who it hires, making it overall very diverse.
This is meant to be a non-RP faction mostly used to introduce my friends to Starmade, but I do wish to encourage interfaction interactions of the friendly and allied sort to let them test the waters without risk of losing much.
Created the faction on the server, it was deleted, made a new one with a new name now and has the current members OtakuTaki and TentaOBenta. More to return and fill out our ranks.

  • Chairman
  • CEO
  • Administration Officer
  • Manager
  • Employee
    Edit: Changed name and updated member info