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Missing my Main ship and my smaller docked ships [Traité] [[Justice] Complaints & problems] (5)
[III] Provisions on the creation of a faction [[Justice] Rules] (2)
Theia Interspace ( 2 ) [[Society] Personal presentations] (26)
Ideas about a RACE in starmade ( 2 ) [[Society] Personal presentations] (26)
Guild of Researchers. The Era of the Trantor [[Society] Personal presentations] (13)
Proposal for an long term event [[Society] Personal presentations] (11)
Question about the game mode [RP] [[Society] Inn] (6)
About plex lift usage [[Society] Inn] (3)
[I] Basic Rules [[Justice] Rules] (9)

Our rules are separated into 4 headlines, we will leave a link to the following title at the bottom of each subject. You will have to leave a comment “Read and Approved” at the end of reading the fourth topic. TITLE I: …

Core marker without core [[Justice] Complaints & problems] (7)
About memory usage [[Society] Inn] (20)
Very nice Sashich [[Society] Personal presentations] (7)
Question by turrets [[Justice] Complaints & problems] (9)
Problems with admission of a faction [[Justice] Complaints & problems] (6)
Question by logical elements [[Justice] Complaints & problems] (3)
I need help with login ( 2 ) [[Justice] Complaints & problems] (24)
My sector is completely broken [[Justice] Complaints & problems] (5)
[IV] Rules regarding Stargates (warp gates / jump gates) [[Justice] Rules] (1)
[II] Provisions relating to roleplay [RP] faction [[Justice] Rules] (1)
Space Station Blueprint Error [[Justice] Complaints & problems] (3)
Introduction of a new spacer [[Society] Personal presentations] (8)
IRL Presentation: BK_mind [[Society] Personal presentations] (6)
Hi im new :D searching for any recruiting faction [[Society] Personal presentations] (7)
Can i create faction [[Society] Inn] (2)
Main Forum Rules [[Justice] Rules] (4)

PREAMBLE TITLE I: GENERAL PROVISIONS RECITALS: Any breach of the rules below will result in a more or less severe penalty depending on the severity. Justice of the server is made by the management of the server team (…